A baby update

So I’m pretty much due. I thought it might be suitable to give you a brief update on how the baby is cooking.

The official due date is 30 December. We have a couple of betting competitions going on currently where people are having a guess when she’ll actually arrive. A couple of the contestants are already out of the comp, having guessed 20 and 21 Dec (sorry guys). Please join for a laugh, just leave your date in the comments and potentially get all the glory.

The ultrasound above was taken at 21 weeks but we had to do another ultrasound at around 36 weeks (sorry, no pic) to check where the placenta was at and that’s when we found out that:

  • She’s got long legs (whaaa? from whom?)
  • She’s got a good set of hair
  • She’s got a big round belly, the little porker
  • And, she’s one week ahead of her growth schedule and would be approximately 4 kg (8.8 lb) if she reaches 30 December

I’m heavy now. Knees and legs are creaking and complaining. There was a bit of pork on me before I got pregnant and I’ve put on an extra 10 kg (22 lb) during the pregnancy, which is fine, but because of the broken chest and immobility I think everything just got extra hard in the last few weeks and I’m pretty much done and over it. Until you mention that that would mean I have to take that little life with me home from hospital and be solely responsible for her, that makes me think I can go another month or two!!

These photos were taken the day we did the positive pee test (left pic), and today (right pic)! Pardon the show of panties, and possibly even more pardons for the skin showing but I thought it was more visual using the same top in both pics. Good heavens. Who would’ve thunketh I’d put pics like that on Internet for all the ever-after to see…

Bump stats:

  • Belly button: outie
  • Circumference: 124 cm (48.8″)

At this point all is looking good for starting birth naturally, the placenta moved out of the way and baby is no longer in breech (they don’t do breech births at our hospital anymore, not sure what rest of Australia does).

Our doctor have however scheduled an inducement for 29th December. Apparently there are increased risks to go over time when you’re older, so she’s a 2011 baby for sure.

And now we’re just waiting.

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5 Responses to A baby update

  1. Mamma says:

    Jaaa du, ingen i de två närmaste generationerna på min sida har haft långa ben så det måste vara din fars gener där. Beträffande kalufs och rund mage så har nog den lilla det efter sin mor.

  2. Cecilia says:

    In breech…Så långt sträcker sig inte mina engelska-kunskaper, så vad betyder det?

    Vilken härlig mage, även om det ser besvärligt tung ut. Och vilken fantastisk resa du har framför dig nu. Förstår paniken över att få med sig en levande varelse hem som man är ensamt ansvarig för (även om man är två), men det kommer ni att fixa finfint.

    Tänker massor på dig framöver och ser fram emot att få höra om och se resultatet när hon har kommit.

    Puss och Kram =)

    • Breech betyder huve upp, rumpa ner. 🙂 Hon var i den positionen i over 7 manader och vi trodde val inte riktigt hon skulle vanda pa sig, men helt plotsligt en dag sa gjorde hon det i ett svep. Duktig flicka.

      • Cecilia says:

        Aha, ja det var duktigt. Det har blivit vanligare här också att man snittar bebisar som ligger med rumpan neråt. Risken är väl större för att något går fel antar jag.

        Åh, vad spännande detta är. Hoppas att hon kommer snart =)

  3. Angela Campbell says:

    This will be something to look back on and laugh about when she is old enough to look at it with you. I am sorry I didn’t do the same when I had mine 🙂 I am sure she will be most welcome to you both whatever day she decides to arrive, I can tell you it may not be easy and you may want to scream and tear your hair out for a while, so scream if you need too and to hell with everybody else because when you are there you won’t care anyway. It will all be forgotten when it is over and you have your precious bundle in your arms instead of your belly. Wishing you all the very best and praying all will go well. Don’t worry I had two of mine induced, its a tad embarrassing but by this time you won’t care either it gets things going.
    Angela C

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