Prepping a kitchen for demolition

Prepping a kitchen for demolition can be quite fun. We started by tearing out everything in our cabinets. Heaps of that stuff I had not seen since we moved in here so it was a bit like Christmas and some cherished reunions.

We did one cabinet at a time to make it somewhat manageable. We put everything on our dining table and then we debated what simply must stay (favorite tea cup) and what we could live without (20-30 corn on the cob holders?). Everything live-without stuff was carefully packed in sturdy moving boxes acquired from Kennards Self Storage and was transported to Vinnies for donation. Some stuff we just tossed in the recycling bin.

The remaining must-stay stuff was divided in to “things that can be packed away”, and “things that are needed to feed ourselves without an actual kitchen”, like the electric fry-pan, sandwich toaster, glasses, plates and basic cutlery. That stuff we put back in a cabinet and managed to fit it on one shelf – awesome.

It was purifying to finally go through our shared loot to get rid of all the stuff that we had duplicates of and could do without. We finally carried out 3 boxes that were transported to Vinnies, and quite a few armfuls that went down to the recycling bin. We still have stuff left obviously, carefully packed in boxes awaiting their new habitat. These boxes are also challenging the available space in our living room together with the kitchen appliances.

Is all good.

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3 Responses to Prepping a kitchen for demolition

  1. Mamma says:

    Åh, vilken smärta att se ert fina vardagsrum. Jobbigt för fåglarna också då de inte kan hålla koll på var ni är så de kan tigga mat. Kul att se matbordet för där fanns en del saker som jag känner igen. Ljusstaken somjag målat, Harrods burken, den höga ljusstaken med kopp för teljus bland annat. Himla skönt att få rensa om inte annat

  2. Mamma says:

    Underbart! Både med fåglarna och att du sparat de sakerna.
    Saknar faktiskt de tokiga fåglarna så räkna med att jag kommer att hänga vid balkongen. Om jag hittar dörren 😉

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